About Us


Tri is inspired by the power of three. Bringing together three design minds that let go of their personal ego to create a collective that acts for the betterment of the group, rather than serving a single individual. 

Latinx design trio The Tri-Collective is composed of Jose, Ken & Masai. The designers met in Los Angeles while attending fashion college. What started off as a competitive rivalry became a fruitful dynamic friendship.

Our ethos comes from analyzing how fixed society is with gender roles and dissects it through a fashion lens. The brand aims to decode and combine stereotypical masculine and feminine archetypes to create binary tension for the unisex market. 

Our Clothing is Proudly made in Los Angeles. We pay our workers a living wage and use ethical practices. The LatinX community especially in LA is the backbone of the fashion industry, and for the longest time it has been downplayed because of generic negative cultural stereotypes. We feel it's time to celebrate what being Latin is truly about, hard work and excellence.